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CAF 84 is a Studio Istanbul brand.

Content management systems or CMS allow easy administration of your site’s contents without the assistance of specialists. You can update the information using the web interface at your convenience. Studio Istanbul has developed a proprietary system, that works along the ideas of “I came, I saw, I updated”. So, without further ado, give your warm welcome to the content management system CAF 84 CMS.

This is not a site construction tool, it’s more of an individual solution for your site management needs, adapted to your news page, product catalog, gallery or any other structured section. Not only does the system work on with sections with a well-defined structure, but it also allows adding and editing of simple text pages, such as your basic “about”, “services”, and “contact” pages.

Using the modern text editor to manage the text itself and add images, tables, video and other media is as easy as doing it in an ordinary word processor.

About Studio Istanbul

Studio Istanbul  is a team of  real specialists. We have programmers, designers, mountain climbers and plain good people. We enjoy doing quality work.  Studio Istanbul  is not just our name, it is our philosophy.

We’ve been creating web sites and corporate identities since 1999. We develop solutions that are a joy to use day after day.